My little reef featured by Advanced Aquarist

I was feeling really honored as Advanced Aquarist,
a publication that really deserves it’s name,
asked me if I want to have my tank featured in their media.

I gladly agreed, wrote some text and took pictures, describing how my
reef is run und how it developed in the last 6 years.

Today, they published and here it is:

There is also a new video there. *hinthinthint* ;-)

Server update

I changed from using the ooold domain to using a more appropriate “”.
“Hanse” derived from the old “Hanse”, a baltic and northern sea trading organization, that built it’s base structure before the year 1250.
Hamburg, the city were I live is a “Hanse”-city, “Hansestadt Hamburg” and riff is meaning “reef” in german.

Doing the above mentioned, I also moved the pages to a new machine and updated all running software. Hopefully it’s all better now. A new slideshow in the gallery and a imho cleaner look etc..

Thanks for viewing!

Simultaneous Tridacna clam spawning

Yesterday, a quite large Tridacna maxima started to release sperm at 8pm.
The other clams (2nd large T. maxima, 4 med. T. maxima, 3 large T. derasa) joined in.
30 min later, they stopped.
After a short break, the large clams started to release eggs.
30 min later, they stopped.
It took the reef an hour to have clean water again.
Unfortunately no larvae will survive (UV/filter/coral/wrong sperm:egg ratio)
This happens at least 3 times a year, usually triggered by environment changes.
This time, I changed the one year old 4*400Watts MH bulbs two days prior to this event.
Lucky me, that the cam was ready.